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We are a private, holistic fitness and performance training company based in San Francisco, California. We offer personal training services for individuals, couples, small group and large groups. Our clientele spans the  full spectrum of ages, abilities, body types, and goals - each with the common desire to transform their body. The Body Academy has successfully helped many shed body fat and excess weight, gain a trimmer body, add lean muscle and optimize their physique for improved appearance and performance. We would love to help you achieve YOUR fitness goals!


A successful journey towards changing one's body begins long before the first bead of sweat falls. Your training with The Body Academy begins with our proprietary TBA Assessment and FMS Screening. This thorough assessment provides us with a complete picture of your current strengths, limitations, and imbalances and represents the starting point of your journey towards the achievement of the physical changes you desire. With the Body Academy, you will have your own roadmap utilizing the most effective training program available for... RESULTS!


The Body Academy enjoys PROVEN success in the fitness industry because our approach is as unique as your body. We utilize training techniques and methods from eastern and western fitness systems and movements that help you transform your body in the most effective, efficient, and sustainable manner!

The Body Academy dedicates the time and attention necessary to ensure that your PERSONAL TRAINING experience is of the highest caliber and truly PERSONAL!

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