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 The Academy is a holistic fitness and performance enhancement training facility. It's THE place to learn, grow, and improve yourself across the board! We view Fitness as a lifestyle NOT a short lived flash. We specialize in personal training services for individuals, couples, and groups. Our approach is as unique as YOUR body, we make sure you are never lost in a bootcamp maze! Why wander aimlessly when you can have the direction, focus, and attention YOU DESERVE at THE BODY ACADEMY!

A client list which includes olympians, celebrities, and busy executives just like you! Spanning a spectrum of ages, abilities, body types, and goals - all with the common desire to transform their body.


A successful journey towards changing one's body begins long before the first bead of sweat falls. Your training with The Body Academy begins with an industry leading assessment program. After your assessment, you will have a comprehensive understanding of your Body and how to create the desired changes you crave. Your own personal roadmap of the most effective training techniques available for you to get RESULTS!

The Body Academy enjoys PROVEN success in the fitness industry because our approach is as unique as your body. We utilize training techniques and methods from eastern and western philosophies of health and fitness.

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