TrueFit Body Assessments

This comprehensive in depth assessment of your body and abilities using our trademarked TrueFit Analysis Program. We identify strengths, weakness, motion patterns, body composition , and more! Discover your TrueFit Body and get into the best shape of your life!

Personal Training

Transform your body as you are guided in interative and informative training sessions by Master Trainer Ish, and his team of fitness trainers.

TBA Designed     Training Routines

Are you self motivated and wish guidance which is tailored to your goals and desires!  T.B.A. can design a fitness program designed around your unique needs, goals, and the results of your TrueFit Body Assessment! Program updates are available every 6 weeks and include TBA support and check ins.

 The Body Academy (T.B.A.) is a holistic fitness and performance training organization created to harness the power of technology, innovation, cutting edge research, and 20 years of physical training experience towards one focused offer the most effective means of optimizing your physical training for sustainable results.


Here at T.B.A., we view fitness as a reflection of ones athletic activities, nutrition, lifestyle, and goals. As such, it is our mission to guide you towards building your strength and changing your body in a holistic manner. It is in creating changes in a measured, well guided manner that we may optimize our body and mind.   An optimized body, looks great, feels great, and allows you to comfortably participate in life at a level of your choosing. For some, that may mean shedding excess body fat, increasing lean muscle, improving your balance and range of motion, improving your coordination, etc... Let's begin your fitness journey towards success wiht The Body Academy.

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