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Online Assessments, Pain Reduction/Movement Programs & Personal Training



The Body Academy is a movement-based, science-backed wellness organization and community for people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities.   We mate innovation, research and a personal touch so that we may successfully;

1. Optimize your body's look,  performance, and fitness.

2. Improve limited or compromised movement due to injury, age or chronic pain issues.

3. Offer the most accurate physical movement assessment systems available - online to all.

We never stop fine tuning our programs, and strive to keep them accessible for all levels of fitness. Now with our online assessment and program training options,  we are able to support you obtaining your goals anytime and anywhere!

Enjoy a fit, pain-free, and more balanced life. We do this by addressing your unique needs and goals with science-based techniques and methods. 

  • Programs are easy to understand and follow, yet challenging as they are built upon the unique workings of YOUR body.

  • Real-time online guidance with an experienced specialist have helped many break performance plateaus, alleviate or minimize chronic postural pains, and to achieve amazing physiques.

  • Correctly identify and understand the why AND how of YOU and your current physical state.



TrueFit Body &

Movement Assessment

Every successful journey begins with a critical first step.

Our TrueFit Assessments provide a blueprint of your body in action - beyond your strengths, limits, etc we identify your adaptive and responsive patterns of movement and stabilization for a truly personalized program to success!

Movement Assessments & Personal Training

“An avid athlete myself, I am constantly trying to improve. After hearing about the TrueFit Body Assessment I wanted to see if it could give me insights into pushing myself further. I learned more about my body during that assessment than I'd learned in years of training and sport!” 


—  Ben, Personal Training client